Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scratch that Itch

The two are wired together inseparably in our brains, apparently. Which is both reassuring and depressing for me to hear since between the hayfever and the mosquito bites I'm scratching all the time.

I'm sure that's why I've gone on thinking about an article in The New Yorker this past week about itching. I didn't enjoy the part about the girl who scratched through to her brain, but I'm sure it was even less pleasant for her. The rest of the article is just plain fascinating and I linked it in Delay Tactics.

And now, time for some AfterBite so I can stop scratching and enjoy breakfast...


Karen said...

Hey, have you tried that de-itcher thing that Lee Valley Tools sells? It's a little battery-operated heat thingy that applies heat to the mosquito bite and takes the itch out of it. Works quite well, and does not smell of ammonia.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Hey Maire!
I hear ya with the itching- we live in West Nile Country, so we're advised to spray ourselves insensible with bug stuff. Our choices are either scratch and maybe become fatally ill, or stink and feel ooky because of all the spray. Somedays I seriously consider illness.

Mary Keenan said...

I just spotted that de-itcher thing, Karen, yeah! When I bought my fruit fly traps, heh heh heh. But I'm with Kathi overall... now that I know just how bad they are this year, I gotta find a prevention system.

Check here for bug spray with a lower risk of cancer, Kathi:
I'm thinking giant netting suits, myself ;^)