Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why I don't watch movies

Last night, to top off my holiday, I turned on the television and sat down in front of it. This is not something I usually do. But it was a holiday, so I did it, and I flicked around and saw commercials that everybody else has seen a million times and I pitied them because they were pretty lame, and even (in the case of the toilet paper whose primary feature is not getting left behind in bits on one's bum) mildly eyebrow-raising.

Then I paused for a sequence of images so weird and icky it could only form part of a dark comedy - irresistible! - and there I was, caught in the net of what turned out to be Ghost World. How can anybody pass up a chance to watch ScarJo looking dumpy and sounding like some dopey guy in a stupor? No, I admit, the draw was Steve Buscemi. Love that guy.

Anyway I had to see how it all came out (unsatisfyingly, not to print a spoiler on a 7-year-old movie) and stayed up past midnight and that is unwise when the birds wake you before 6 every morning. I will definitely be swapping writing time for a nap today.

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