Thursday, June 26, 2008

How does your garden grow?

If I heard that Mary Mary Quite Contrary thing once growing up, I heard it a zillion times. You'd think it (or the hayfever) would put me off gardening altogether but for some reason: no. And I'm always getting tangled up in knotty problems with it.

See if you can follow today's red string into the maze:
I have to paint the porch (again, just like every year, not that I'm bitter.)
The unfinished garden leaves a not-so-fine layer of grit there daily.
I can't really paint until I have the dirt under wraps.
Plants don't grow fast enough for that: it's gotta be mulch.
Coconut shell mulch may attract fewer mosquito babies than cedar.
The coconut mulch has to be hydrated out of its compression blocks.
You need a big bucket for that, a wheelbarrow being ideal.
I don't have a wheelbarrow. Or space for a wheelbarrow.
Lee Valley Tools sells collapsible wheelbarrows.
Lee Valley Tools sells a loooottta cool stuff for gardens.
Mmmmm, gardens.

Yeah, I'm too generous - the link's in Delay Tactics. Have a great day!

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