Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Kind of Blowup

I am a very, very lucky person, and I feel gratitude for that every day of my life. Even when things go badly for me, I know full well how much worse they could be.

For example, when your computer suddenly freezes and you try to reboot and get a screen message that says Disk Error Occurred, with instructions to reboot, and you reboot and get the same message again, and so on, you might be tempted to cry or gnash your teeth or panic at the work you won't get done and/or the photographs you never got around to backing up or... oh, crumbs, the online backup account you have to renew asap or lose the data that is stored there.

I on the other hand can call a very, very nice man who not only knows just about everything you need to know to respond to such a message but is generous enough to make helping me a priority. Also, I have an old clunker of a computer to use in the meantime. And I wrote down the number I need to call to update that backup account.

Definitely, I am a lucky girl. And the new shoes I'm wearing today are AWESOME.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

The dark computer has a silver lining. Hang in there!