Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Impatience thy name is Mary

I really got to knit last night! I got to knit cables! Cables have always been my best thing - so much better than the oversized leaping greyhounds I knit into a background of green field and night sky in the 80s when you could just get away with salvaging a disaster project with shoulder pads.

So I was knitting cables and enjoying as I did so long ago the movement of the cable to the left and the right, watching the interlocking pattern unfold, feeling the (not so bad for mostly acrylic) yarn shifting under my hands...

... and calculating how soon I could be done this sweater so I can stop knitting and wear it already. This may have been another reason I stopped knitting, the not enjoying the process nearly as much as the result part.

So: if I put in 3 hours a day, I could be done this thing by the end of next weekend. Can I give up writing until the end of next weekend? Tune in often to find out!


Karen said...

I hear you! I love watching things take shape, but part of me is always impatient to see the final outcome. Actually, this is also what used to keep me writing mysteries: I never quite knew how they'd end, and I loved writing those final words, "The End." Of course, with knitting, there's much less post-production editing involved. And that, my friend, is a Good Thing.

Mary Keenan said...

Much, MUCH less editing. Unless you really mess up, I like I did on the last six or so sweaters I made before I took the hint and quit cold turkey. Not this time, baby. I'm using the exact yarn for the exact pattern after adjusting my needle size for an exact test swatch!