Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good luck has a price

... and that price is having to talk to Dell.

In good news, a friend asked to see everything I've written recently and I sent off the files mere hours before my hard drive died yesterday. So even though I have not been able to access my online backup (and it looks suspiciously as though I never will) I do at least have copies of the things I've worked hardest on.

All except, you know, MY NOVEL.

But I have faith that all my files will be recoverable from that drive. Firm, teeth-gritting faith. Because I am a lucky girl.

* * * *

VERY lucky. Apparently the damage to my disk is very light, and all my important files have been copied off. I might be missing some mail stuff though; if you're wondering why you haven't heard from me, it's because I don't have your address - so write me!

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