Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Maybe it's my brain's fault?

Last night I watched Dr. Daniel Amen give a lecture on how to Change Your Brain, Change Your Life on PBS. Since I am totally brain-obsessed at the moment (and contrary to my friend's comments, my obsessions last much longer than a day... the trouble is I add a new one most days) this was perfect knitting-viewing for me.

It was an entertaining and inspiring show. I didn't learn a ton I hadn't read somewhere else already except that the brain is way gooier than I thought. Also there is a certain part of the brain that, if not performing well, leads its person to obsessions and controlling behaviours and... yes, I have to type it. Procrastination.

Do I really need to exercise more? I do that every day. More carbs? Um, check. Blueberries and fish oil? Got that down. Maybe I don't actually obsess and control and procrastinate as much as I think. Or maybe I need simply to accept my inner obsessive control freak procrastinator. It got me through three deadlines in five weeks, after all.

And if I'm very nice to it, maybe it will get me through the four deadlines I found that all hit in the next six weeks...

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