Monday, September 15, 2008

Look out - she's gonna blow!!!

Wow, I didn't even make it to Monday! Yesterday some new words came flooding into my head, and when I tried to type up the first few of them so I wouldn't forget, a couple of pages poured out.

My visiting friend pointed out something to me this weekend ("Mary, your obsessions change constantly") and this new story confirms that: it's in yet another voice. Seriously, apart from two personal memoirs I wrote this summer that pretty much match the style of my diary here, my writing voice changes in every story, published or otherwise. The voice, the point of view, the tense, the setting... they all come to me as something different than the ones I got before. What I write about is pretty much the same all the time, but what writer doesn't have at least a passing interest in interpersonal relationships and the fallout from tension or tragedy?

In other news, I finally revised my Now Even Easier! bread recipe and added it to Delay Tactics. I highly recommend at least looking it over because making bread is sooo much easier than it seems, and even if you give the end result to other people who don't mind having huge slices of the stuff strapped to their hips, your house will smell awesome.


Kathleen Taylor said...

What a lovely gift- to have the different voices.

No matter what I write, whether it's fiction, knitting instructions, blog posts, or letters to editors- it always comes out in the same voice. It can be sorta depressing.

Mary Keenan said...

Having the same voice is a whole lot easier to market, though...