Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bred for Bread

I promise I'll post the recipe somewhere when I get all the finetuning done, but I think I've worked out how I can bake bread more easily than I can walk over to the bakery to buy a loaf, with minimal effort and maximum flavour. Still takes nearly an hour's prep in the (very) early morning though. Not real-bakery early - see post below - but early enough. Sometimes I think that the whole baking thing is imprinted on my genes, I get so much satisfaction from the process.

In any case I feel so virtuous after baking bread and critiquing a friend's very fine short story and finishing my editing job and making it all the way to the afternoon without falling over in a heap, I don't seem to have any room at all for guilt about not writing (yet) today. I might even look into that website software I was considering buying so I can figure out how it works.

Or maybe I'll get my knitting. Mmmmm, knitting.

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