Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bacon and pancakes and tea, oh my

Oh, how I love a rainy Saturday with nothing whatsoever scheduled and sufficient forethought to have bought bacon and bakery bread and bagels yesterday, when it was sunny and lovely outside. Today will be a big melt with giant pools lapping at the edge of every sidewalk, and I'm delighted to be staying home (as far as I know), and to have happy rubber boots if I decide to go out after all.

Yes, yes. Bread, bagels, pancakes... obviously I'm not a low-carb girl. I probably won't have them all in one sitting though. I don't think.

Will I write today? Almost certainly not. Will I finish my editing assignment? I hope so, but maybe I will take the day off, at least until 8pm when panic sets in. Will I knit? I can guarantee it. And I'll read books about knitting too. Dontcha just love a rainy Saturday?


TexNan said...

You always make me want to be where you are! Bacon and pancakes and tea--and rain--who else could make it sound so yummy? (Actually I'd probably take the rain over everything else. For us it's either feast or famine when it comes to rain; right now it's famine.)

Mary Keenan said...

I wish you could be where I am too - I've got banana bread coming out of the oven (more bread!) and I'd make us a pot of tea. I know how you love those ;^)