Thursday, February 5, 2009

Distraction of the day

I don't enjoy shopping like I used to (I used to walk for half a day from one clothing and/or shoe store to the next, for entertainment - the mind still boggles.) And I guess it's a sad reflection on the ever-increasing proximity between me and grownuphoood that the kind of shopping I enjoy now is related, often, to organizational aids.

Specifically, knitting needle organizational aids. And needles, since I keep losing the sizes I need under piles of in-progress projects, and for some reason am needing multiple sets of particular sizes. I did inherit a bunch of needles, and I bought a huge mixed lot on eBay once to get my favourite vintage plastic ones, but I've still managed to have huge gaping holes in my supply.

Between that and Karen posting about her various Wicked Witchy yarn purchases (and no, I'm not linking to that blog post, it's too painful because I'm sure that yarn is no longer available for slowpokes like me) and enticing me into long hunts for hand-dyed yarns on Etsy, I'm sort of shopping a lot. I mean, what else is there to do when the house is clean and the words aren't coming on the novel and the hats on the needles are ready for me to pick them up as soon as my editing job is done? Oh, right. The editing job! That's what I was doing! Never mind...

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