Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today's excuse

...not that I need a reason, since we've established that I procrastinate, right?

I am not going to write today, fiction or otherwise, because it is a designated knitting day. I've earned it! and also there's a hat I really want to make, though frankly I would just knit random stitches as long as I can do it with the grass green/yellow wool I bought on Sunday. I need some spring in my brain.

But also, I noticed that even when I'm not writing more of my stories (and MAN how I wish I could say that and mean soap operas, which I think would just be a blast to write for once you got past all the politics and egos and sixty years of backstory that every viewer is guaranteed to remember) I am writing this blog. And believe me, the process of distilling random thoughts into one cohesive message and condensing it to less than two hundred words is writing. So, ha. I'm done! and now I can knit with abandon, when not sniffing around the kitchen for something holiday-like and not at all sensible. Or, you know, shoveling snow.

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JMS said...

I can't condense anything down to 200 words! I'm sure you have probably figured that out by now, considering my...rambling...blog posts! LOL!

JMS @ Random Ramblings