Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eat More Cake!

I was on my way to the gym this morning when I passed an impeccably white van (no small feat in the melty slushy mucky weather we're having) decorated with a giant green target and the slogan Eat More Cake!

as if I needed encouragement. In fact just this morning I spotted a cake-motif'd thing that I feel I simply must have; clearly, I have cake on my mind, possibly because I neglected to buy any for Valentine's Day - most unlike me. I can never resist grocery store cake because it's so moist and the icing is so fluffy. Dufflet's cakes, on the other hand (see link above) are unbelievably flavourful and decadent and now available in my local grocery store freezer cases.

And then there's the cake my sister makes in Easter Bunny form, using an authentic German mold she bought during her post-university European travels. That work of culinary artistry, also known as The Joy of Cooking's "White Cake II" is bliss on a plate. It takes a little effort though, so often I'll bake the Better Homes and Gardens 'Yellow Cake" - it's easy and just as delicious in a different way. And maybe I should do that today because for some reason, gym or no gym, I feel compelled to Eat More Cake.

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