Monday, February 16, 2009

Litmus Test

I have read that your mind is at its most creative on waking from sleep, and I've experienced that to be true. So this afternoon I was interested to notice, on waking up from an extremely rare nap, that I was plotting. Or rather, I was interested to discover *what* I was plotting.

There are a number of rents now in the curtain that divides me from my novel, and one or two actual holes where I can look through to the story unfolding on the other side. I can tell that the background work is nearly finished and my subconscious is getting ready to let me in.

But not yet. I woke up plotting more hats. It's taken many long years, and I still have anxious periods when I hope I'm doing right in taking this course, but overall I have learned to trust my brain. So, more hats it is. For now!

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