Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Be careful what you wish for

Here I am deep in the throes of discractionary tactics and what happens? Exactly what I'd hoped would happen: one of my characters is talking to me again. Nothing to the purpose - nothing that will help me move her forward - but still. She's talking.

And I have so many hats to knit!

Maybe this is a polite warning that I need to get moving and finish them off... or maybe the dam is about to burst and this is the equivalent of a fire alarm.

Either way, kind of nice, isn't it?

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JMS said...

Very nice! I'm waiting for my main character to start chatting to me again, too. She's been in a coma (figuratively) for several months now and I'm starting to wonder if she'd ever come out of it!

Better get crackin' on those hats or the dam WILL burst!

Good luck!

Jennifer @ Random Ramblings