Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On the bright side...

Binnie posted something in her blog yesterday that is staying with me - essentially, that she made about a million hats recently and then suddenly wrote two short stories (which I read, and they were excellent.) I too have made about a million hats and then suddenly wrote pattern ideas for more hats, which I've been knitting. Sort of the same thing I suppose, except that the art is taking on different forms.

(see what I'm doing there? reinforcing the concept that art is art and makes more art instead of facing the cold hard fact that I'm not obeying rule number one of writing fiction, which is to sit in the chair and stay there no matter what? Such a clever girl I am.)

Aaaanyhoo, Binnie's remarks give me hope that the solution to my problem with my two characters will resolve itself as the hats dry up, and instead of sitting with determination in the chair, I won't be able to force myself out of it. That, however, is not the bright side I meant by the title. The bright side is I can only knit for so long before being overwhelmed by how badly the house needs cleaning. So today, my house is clean. Hurrah!

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TexNan said...

Yay, for you. I too actually thought about writing today, and yesterday. Did none though, but I figure thinking comes first, writing later. It's been a long time since I worked on plots in my head.