Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Little Books

One of my favourite things about thrifting is the discovery of things I had or at least saw when I was little - something that, oddly enough, happens more frequently when I thrift in the region where I grew up than in the one where I live now.

These two Big Little books were a particularly nice find. I never had these two titles, and I couldn't tell you which ones I did, but just the sight of these chunky books with their comic book illustrations?

They brought me back to some quiet happy day in summer when I was smaller and no doubt wearing my much-loved orange shorts/yellow T ensemble with a kerchief over my hair, worrying about not very much at all.

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Angela said...

Isn't that so much fun! I shopped at thrift stores when my kids were little for toys I played with (not dolls, as they're boys, but other things). I really loved finding my favorite books for them.