Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pasta, the gift that keeps on etc.

Lately I've been cooking pasta most nights. Not because it's easy - it's not, what with having the filter the tap water (lead pipes coming into the house from the city, yay) and all the extra pots you have to wash - but in part because I'm on some kind of weird sauce groove.

Like - onions sauteed in butter, then diluted with a can of tomato sauce plus a can of navy beans? Sounds awful, right? Yet it's awesome.

Or white sauce with red or yellow peppers and snap peas and carrots, or ye old tomato meat sauce, or onions/zuccini/fresh tomatoes sauteed in balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil, with grated cheese thrown on top at the end so it goes spready.

The other part of my pasta obsession is the leftovers. Yeah, if I can freeze any extra sauce I'll do that, but I'm talking about the pasta itself. I've been saving some out from the sauce and throwing it into an omelet the next day - wow.

You can go fussy with recipes such as this one from Epicurious, or you can be lazy like me - onions in butter again, then gradually add some celery and maybe some chopped tomatoes, then dump all that into a bowl to mix up with grated cheese and a couple of beaten eggs and the leftover pasta, be it bow ties or spaghetti, before pouring it all back into the pan. Looks a lot like that bean/tomato/onion sauce sounds, and tastes like heaven on a plate.

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