Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fate is being sneaky with me

I went on a thrifting trip today (well, actually it was a day trip full of picnics and amusements and water fests and so forth that I planned as cover for several thrift shop visits) and guess what I found mixed in with the pillowcases and sheets that are so alluring as tote bag liner fabric?

Yes. Hooks for rug-hooking. A whole bowl full of them - I chose these two because they represented the two different shapes on offer and felt the most comfortable in my hand and one of them has Patons punched on the side and both were made in England, which makes them extra appealing to me.

This does not mean I will pursue rug-hooking. They cost 29 cents each and I decided a 60 cent investment that goes to charity is a perfectly reasonable response to being presented with a bowl full of tools for something that intrigued me just this week. I will be strong. I will just put them away quietly until some urgent reason arises for me to take up a piece of burlap and thread wool into it.

(and yes, that lovely blue doily really did cost 49 cents. Don't you love thrifting?)

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