Wednesday, August 18, 2010


If I'm going to be writing this fall, I have to be sure all my procrastinations are as organized as they can be - otherwise, I'll waste valuable typing time looking around for materials instead of just making things. Which is why, today, I looked at this:

and decided to Do Something about it, with this:

Janie H. gave me this tin at the beginning of the summer and told me I had to use it for Stuff, and I am pretty sure embroidery thread counts. And those little white cards were packaging from something or other I used to buy a lot of - no idea what, even less idea why I kept them, unless it was some deep instinct that someday I would need a dozen or so little white cards that weren't index cards (index cards would also have done nicely, but these are a little firmer and also, pretty and shiny.)

See how pretty they look with satin embroidery thread on them?

I know, it's not much. But it's a start!


Melissa said...

Hey, you actually live near me, maybe? I live in Carp. I perked up when I saw this reference to the Perth yarn store, Janie H. Knits.

I like what you've been doing with your felted sweaters. I do a little with them too (although not much lately, pregnancy has taken away my sewing mojo).

check out my blog and contact me through there if you like:

Mary Keenan said...

I *wish* I lived near Janie H! I was just visiting Ottawa at the time, and managed a little detour ;^) Fabulous, fabulous store, sigh...