Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sheets: they're not just for bedtime anymore

I get my best ideas from strangers. Like, last month? when I made a pitiful attempt at carting along a picnic to a municipal park?

There I was sitting at this really filthy ripped up picnic table wishing I'd brought plates or something so I didn't have to nibble my sandwich out of a bag, and across at the next table there were two clearly very sensible ladies enjoying a delicious lunch (packed in a basket no less) on a sheet. A big floaty flat sheet they'd brought along and thrown over the table by way of a tablecloth.

This, I thought was brilliant, and I started hunting for sheets at thrift stores because sadly I don't have any extra sheets to take out into the wilderness with me. And that's how I managed to go those ladies one better, with a fitted sheet:

I know, I know, you can buy a plastic tablecloth for a dollar just about anywhere. But can you throw it in the washer when you get home? Can you roll it up as a pillow if you want a post-lunch nap? Will it stay put instead of getting too friendly with the wind and folding itself up onto the potato salad? Ha. I didn't think so.

Yes, those are leaves on the table. I am getting freaked out about all these falling leaves. We're not even into the final third of August yet!

Oh, and today when I saw another very sensible lady taking a picture of a butterfly? I did the same thing with another butterfly I spotted a bit further off.

Hint: it's in the lower centre of the picture, resting on the second-shortest foreground flower. You'll probably still have trouble seeing it, but it's there, and so pretty.


TexNan said...

It's a lovely pic. I've always been fond of echinacea and who doesn't adore butterflies?

What I wouldn't give for weather cool enough to picnic outside. We're triple-digiting right now, had heat indexes the other day of 125. Sure wish I could manage moving up by you.

Mary Keenan said...

Same here, my friend - it would be so nice to visit in person!