Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've been trying to ignore the solitary greenery - it's been green, which helps the ignoring - lying in my path from time to time over the last hot, humid couple of weeks, but this is tougher to pretend isn't there:

Fall. It's coming.

As are the changes you may or may not recall my mentioning with regard to The Procrastination Diary: this fall, I'm going to stop procrastinating.

(famous last words, I know.)

Thanks to some new time-to-myself opportunities opening up, I'll be writing fiction again, so that even if I'm still goofing off and chasing up new interests (I will be) I won't be writing about them here. So, not so much of the daily triviality; more of the once every week or two Making tutorial or other excitement I simply can't contain.

By way of housekeeping I'll be gathering the current tutorials into .pdfs to post from, which is where I'll post future ones as well as linking to them from here. And I'll go on writing new Hugs For Your Head (small comfort if you're not a knitter, though if you really, really like my writing you can probably get little fixes there while waiting for me to come up with something publishable.)

When is all this happening? I'm not exactly sure. It very nearly happened today, until my sense of neatness stuck a foot out into my path to remind me that I really want to get those .pdfs done before I move on into the shadows. Soon though. Probably sooner than those leaves on the porch turn brown.

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