Friday, August 13, 2010

Cottage industry

Last night my aunt asked me whether or not I've ever considered buying a cottage and I sort of stammered over saying No, not really. Because I have been thrifting again, and here is what I have bought after hesitating longingly over vintage Pyrex double boilers and other kitchen essentials:

Wool blankets

I made these purchases with no intention of using them for their intended purpose - I bought them for cutting up into Other Things - and I can guarantee you I will not be going near them with scissors because they have no holes or stains or other problems that would prevent them from being delightful to sleep under at a cottage.

There, I said it. All this thrifting I pretend to myself is for eco-frienly craft work? I'm about 96% certain that secretly I've been amassing stuff for a weekend residence. You know, for that long-distant day when I can actually afford and justify one.

Now if only I can think of a place to store it all while I wait for the lottery to pay off...

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