Monday, August 16, 2010

Blanket solution please

I feel like a squirrel frantically storing up nuts for the winter - i.e., the season when I'm less likely to be out on fun day trips that just happen to pass by thrift stores. I'm filling up my fabric shelf with old sheets and tablecloths to use whenever I need sewing therapy or can't wait to try out a new tote bag idea (I have a few simmering right now, so hey, it could happen!)

But last week's thrift finds were a little too successful, and I'm now housing things I can't really use as they are and can't justify cutting into because there's nothing wrong with them. Let's focus today on the blanket problem, shall we?

There are now three in the house:

The top one is a pale sage green, queen sized, merino wool with a soft halo and not a single hole or stain. Plus, it cost me $5, which makes it an amazing find not to be squandered. The colour gently clashes with everything in my house, and I don't have a guest room. It would make an awesome coat if I could face sewing one, but I can't. It would also make a ton of really, really good tote bags and pillow covers to give as gifts if I could face destroying something so perfect, and again - can't.

The middle shows its true colour, a breathtaking blue. Just plain old wool this time, technically in twin size but it's shrunk up somewhat so it's closer to a square that is still perfectly functional. It's soft. It shares the same problem as the sage green, except for only costing me $4; it's perfect and beautiful and looks wrong with everything.

The last is a peach double size I bought a year ago and still haven't even washed, though that will probably change today now that I've taken a closer look at it. It's stained in a few places and has some moth holes, so I can cut into it - it doesn't matter that it too clashes with everything I have.


I can't help thinking that with some matchy embroidery it would make great cushions covers for the blue blanket, especially after I've washed it in hot water and dried it in the dryer so that any felting potential is realized. And again - it won't work here.

I think there's really only one solution to this problem, don't you? I need a cottage. After all, I have enough sheets now.


Kathleen Taylor said...

A cottage is an excellent notion. But it would be cheaper to dye the blankets. Wool takes dye beautifully and it won't ruin your washer... just sayin'

Mary Keenan said...

Aha! I knew somebody would come up with a more immediately viable solution for the blankets ;^)