Friday, August 20, 2010

Project ideas in the wild

I'm always getting project ideas, or at least questions, from visits to museums. This week it was the Simcoe County Museum, which includes not only an inside display but an outdoor collection of buildings and equipment (ranging in size from snow blower to train.) And in the buildings, of course, there were accessories.

Like this cute doll set from the 1922 cottage:

I took this pic for Kathi, who has a thing for paper dolls - it came out fuzzy, but you get the idea (mostly that these probably aren't paper dolls to dress up.)

But also, this interesting-to-me scrap carpet, whose pictures are also fuzzy, from an 1800s log cabin:

I've never seen one like it, and now I want to make one with my many felted sweater scraps.

This style is more common but now that I have rug-hooking tools I'm wondering - is it hooked, or woven, or sewn?

Here's a fuzzy closeup:

And here's a project I am definitely not getting ideas about - pillow tatting:

Even though the accessories are very, very pretty.

Because amazingly, I do have some sense of self-preservation.


Kathleen Taylor said...

The paper dolls look lovely- I would love to take them out and see exactly what's there (which is why they put those yellow ropes up at exhibits... to keep me away from the treasures).

I have always been intrigued by bobbin lace, but I suspect it's extremely fiddly, like macrame on the small scale

Kathleen Taylor said...

oh- I think the Welcome rug is hooked

Mary Keenan said...

Ha! you know I had to stretch my arm as far as it would go over a barrier to get the camera close enough for the doll photo ;^)