Friday, August 6, 2010

Cottage Country: the way it was

Yesterday was Leacock Museum day - aka the day I went to Orillia, Ontario with friends to see the summer house Stephen Leacock (had?) built in 1928 on a bay at the south end of Lake Couchiching.

The neat thing for me was that he didn't just magically have this great house: he bought the land and camped on it at first in tents, building as he could afford to do so (he started with a cookhouse - first things first, after all.)

The land around the property is built up now, quite crowded really, but there is plenty of room here for a walk through the woods along the shoreline.

This was not the case with the cottages along the side roads where we got lost on the way home: the buildings there were closer together than the houses on my street.

Still, there has been some progress in cottage comforts:

You're not likely to see painted wood counters in a modern cottage kitchen - are you?

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