Monday, February 1, 2010

Cookie monster

I didn't sew this weekend and boy, did I notice it! No old movies, no nesting in the sewing room, no messy absorbing project that carries over from Saturday afternoon into Sunday supper... no way am I skipping that again.

But I did make cookies. Not my mother's recipe, but a different one that more people like: Toll House. And here is why I don't make Toll House cookies:

It's a big cookie tin, folks, and it's full. It's full after the four-person taste test feeding frenzy. A recipe that makes 7 dozen cookies has no place filling the tin of a person who works from home.

And yes, I do know that Toll House cookies freeze well.

Did you know that a frozen Toll House cookie is unspeakably delicious?

Good thing I'm seeing the trainer today... I can unload a few on her.

In related news, here's a glimpse into the dark recesses of my mind:

This probably looks like an egg carton to you. But to me, it's a persistent flashback to a tiny time-lapse vignette on a 1970s episode of Sesame Street, in which a child's hand reaches across the screen to fill the empty slots in an egg carton with Oreo cookies. The point was to teach viewers to count to twelve. The impact on me was to make me think of places to put cookies.

Or rather, not to put cookies. Even now, it's kind of a can't look, can't look away situation. Cookies in an egg carton - sort of cool! and yet not, because - Why would anybody put cookies into an egg carton?? They go in your mouth!

Scarred by Sesame Street... who'd have thought?

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