Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Embroidering things

Embroidering: it's what writers are supposed do, right?

Maybe not literally but... I can't help it! I really like blanket stitch!

Yep. I actually enjoy taking out a length of embroidery satin and threading a needle and painstakingly working my way across an unfinished edge of something or other at what I hope will be (and never is) regular intervals. Since I finished the 2009 Christmas Mitten Extravaganza, I find myself sewing things out of felted wool leftovers pretty much for an excuse to do more of it. It's kinda like meditation except you have something to hold in your hand and look at afterward.

My favourite shade is a bright salmon pink I found in a discount pile at the local fabric chain store. It's a weird colour but surprisingly matchy for a lot of my felted sweaters and the projects emerging from them.

Like for example the bottom of a pair of sleeves I turned into fingerless gloves last month:

The colours are perfect together, yes? And the gloves - so useful in a house with no insulation.


Erika Mulvenna said...

Yes, those are perfect hand warmers! Reminds me of the office I used to work in - it was sooooo cold I had to wear gloves and a scarf!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Oh, I love love love them! And so practical for chilly offices (my house has insulation, but when it's -17 outside, and the wind is blowing, it's still cold at the keyboard).