Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heart-o-meter week 1

For me, Valentine's Day might as well be dedicated to the universal love of chocolate, rather than to love for any particular person. It's a celebration of the feeling of love, however it comes to you.

A day isn't really enough to mark a thing like that, so I thought I'd do something to celebrate Valentine's Day every Wednesday for the whole month of February. And what I decided to do is track the number of views for two of my most-frequented love-related YouTube videos.

(in my world, this is perfectly logical.)

Okay, first up: The Love Shack. Who wouldn't love this? It's been up for 8 months.
Arbitrarily-timed view count for February 3, 2010: 895,524

And just for contrast: Affairs of the Heart. The video isn't so thrilling as that of the B52s, but the music.... ahhhhh. And, okay, it's been up for a year.
Arbitrarily-timed view count for February 3, 2010: 7,567

Tune in next week when we see which one wins in weekly views. Think tortoise and hare, people!

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