Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gifting a good feeling

I am completely besotted at the moment with the way making something captures and transmits positive energy.

I know that sounds weird, but surely you've dropped in at a friend's just in time to share fresh-baked cookies and chat and then gone home feeling just a little bit better than you did before? Or at least, enjoyed a meal as a guest at somebody else's house and come home with a little extra happiness to balance out the house envy?

(please tell me I'm not the only person who notices that everyone else has a bigger or better-organized kitchen and more space for books.)

In fact I am thinking about this phenomenon so much I can't help wondering whether I'm finally being led back to the little cluster of short stories I was writing before the inspiration dried up about 14 months ago and reappeared in the general region of knitting and sewing.

Hey, at least I'm creating something, right?

The side effect of all this is that every time I see a present-giving opportunity on the horizon, I want to make that present, or at least source it from somebody else who made it (most likely the genius woman behind tiny happy - the happy sewn into her things has lasted, in the case of the things I've bought for myself, for nearly a year already with no sign yet of evaporating.)

And that brings me to today's discovery: bread bags sewn from cotton or linen tea towels.

Of which I have a few, one of which looks like this and would probably sew up into a bag big enough to store 2 loaves and a dozen rolls:

Yes. Based on the mere thought of bread bags I would seriously consider repurposing even the Easter cutie, never mind that fresh bread has never lasted long enough in my house to need storage of any kind.

Worse, SouleMama is inspiring overall and now I want to make my own fresh pasta too. And buy more sewing books.

What else is new?

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TexNan said...

Thanks for that link, Maire. Makes me want to make both bread and bread bags. Maybe I'll do both once I get over this dadblasted cold.