Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The essentials

Back when I was being executor for my dad's cousin's widow and her third husband and clearing out their house after said husband's death, I found these tins in his workshop - full of odd screws and nails, of course:

Having worked in public relations and ad design I couldn't bear to throw them out; they are such masterpieces of Sales Pitch. Check out the heart on the front of the tobacco tin! And the big green bow on the 'Blue Ribbon' coffee! I look at that thing and see dressed-up couples gathering for festive rounds of bridge - do you think it was a special Christmas edition?

I also love the way the side view wasn't wasted:

I'm guessing the market for roll-your-own tobacco was mostly male, what with the legs on that girl, while coffee purchases were made by women - women who cared about quality.

Ah, don't we all?

Even the ones who define the essentials as milk and chocolate.

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