Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heart-o-meter week 4

February is almost gone, and with it the sort of midwinter misery that only seasonal chocolate can alleviate, but let's take one last look anyway at my favourite love tunes on YouTube:

The Love Shack:
Arbitrarily-timed view count for February 23, 2010: 1,006,401, up from 969,404 last week

Affairs of the Heart:
Arbitrarily-timed view count for February 23, 2010: 7, 890, up from 7,795 last week

I know I shouldn't be surprised that The Love Shack wins, but I really did think that post-Valentine's wistfulness, related to dwindling chocolate supplies, would drive more than 95 people toward Affairs of the Heart. Maybe it drove them out the door to buy more sweets, instead?

A young friend and I listened to Affairs of the Heart together recently and discussed what it might possibly be about. I asked what feelings you get when you listen to it.

"Joy," my friend said.

"The joy of love?" I asked.

"The joy of being alive," my friend told me. And I have to agree. I guess the video just needs more dancing.

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