Friday, February 12, 2010

How to make paper valentines

I've had some fun lately raiding my (home) office stationery cupboard for plain index cards and a few sheets each of red and white printer paper for my annual valentine-making fest.

First, of course, I cut some hearts.

This year I didn't mess up the heart shapes on the first cut, so I decided to incorporate some of the sheets I'd cut from, after matching them to the length of the index cards or to another strip of contrasting paper.

Having open heart-shaped gaps means you can put a word in each one to make a messsage.

I think I'm almost ready for Sunday, but I'd better brush up on the ol' calligraphy skills!

1 comment:

Sally Anne said...

Oh wow, they are great. I have a thing for red and white at the moment.
Happy Valentine Mary !