Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Evil Plan Foiled

I got into Ravelry and it's amazing - but time-saving. The place is so efficient! No more will I have an excuse to hunt for a place to buy yarn online, or for patterns I like. They're all organized with big pictures and knitter reviews.

So much for that procrastination idea.

Just as well, since I woke up still dreaming of something that just has to come up in the next scene of my horror story, when I've met my deadlines and can go back to it.

Still, I know whatever I spend on it isn't going to be enough. Come winter, for various reasons, I will have a LOT less time on my hands and a lot more shovel in them. I should be getting a ton of writing done now to tide me over, you know? And at the same time I keep thinking how nice it would be to be a person who doesn't feel the need to pack productivity into every spare segment of the day. Not that I do that. It's just that I feel I have to. I wonder what would happen if I took snow season as vacation time and didn't write at all? Except for, you know, the odd weekend or lazy evening?

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