Thursday, October 9, 2008

Have a Biscuit

A few years back I became obsessed with the Judy Bolton mystery series, by Margaret Sutton. And I mean actually by Margaret Sutton, not a series of different writers covering off outlines by a conglomerate (yes, I'm looking at you, Nancy Drew.) Where were these books when I was a kid? I mean, the concept was good for an inquisitive young girl with an interest in roadsters, but Nancy's writers can't hold a candle to Margaret Sutton.

One Judy moment that stands out for me even now is the time she got stranded someplace, found an empty house and went in for shelter, and then put together enough ingredients from the cupboards to make biscuits for herself and her hungry companions.

Never mind the coincidence of there even being still-edible items in an abandoned house. Can you imagine anybody having the recipe for biscuits locked into his or her head? (and yes, I'm still annoyed with myself for forgetting how to make sour cream fudge.)

I never make biscuits now without thinking of Judy Bolton. When I did it today it would have been nice if I was thinking of not forgetting to put in the butter instead, but you can't have everything.

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Kathleen Taylor said...


For some reason, I missed out on Judy. Nancy Drew (the first book I ever bought with my own money was The Witch Tree Symbol),Cherry Ames, Donna Parker, The Happy Hollisters... but no Judy. I think I need to remedy that, since I have some girls the right age in my life now.