Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pop Quiz

I know you didn't study, but I'm running on five hours' sleep and I don't see why everybody else shouldn't be miserable too. I'll put my tea together while you get out your pencils and notebooks.

Ready? Okay:

1. Which is bigger:
a/ my headache
b/ my heartache over sour cream fudge

2. How long is it since I could make sour cream fudge without the recipe and therefore lost the recipe?
a/ 3 years
b/ 20 years
c/ 83 years

3. Why did I dream of killing 68 spiders last night?
a/ because I watched Verminators last week
b/ because SOMEBODY keeps humming The Discovery Channel ad and the only line that sticks with me is "I love a-rach-a-nids"
c/ because it might rain today

4. Does tea aggravate a canker sore you got from too much chocolate?
a/ yes
b/ no

5. Then why the heck am I drinking tea?
a/ because there isn't enough caffeine in hot chocolate
b/ because I'm not that bright
c/ both

1. b (I have no headache!)
2. b (what, you think I'm 100?)
3. b (though it really might rain)
4. a
5. c (obviously.)

1 comment:

Karen said...

Poor bunny...though sour cream fudge sounds both delightful and evil. Perhaps just as well that it didn't work out?
Re. the spiders from Mars, I got nothin' for you. Sorry.