Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Postcards go Pop

I collect postcards. They make perfect bookmarks - when you pick up a book and a postcard falls out, it reminds you how long ago (or not) you read that book, and you get to think of the person who sent it and the time in your life that you got it. Plus, the images on the front are usually pretty amazing.

So when I spotted a call for entries for a postcard competition, and I happened to have a postcard-length story, it seemed like a perfect fit! Until Binnie asked, what postcard are you sending with it?

Wha? So I did some hunting around online and yes, you are supposed to send a postcard with a postcard story. The postcard is, in fact, meant to inspire said story. So that's a bit panicky, since I now have to drop everything and get to a place that sells story-provoking postcards.

The upside: my online hunting led me to this prizewinning example of the perfect union of story and postcard, written by a fellow SummerCamper. I love this story. I bet you will too.

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