Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall is a Great time to Plant!

I quote multiple ads for greenhouses when I say so and will not hold it against them for not adding "wearing mittens and hats and scarves" before the "!".

Fall is a great time to plant because the air is cool or wet and the ground is still warm blah blah everything is on sale. How can you say no to half-price boxwoods, especially if you need ten? Not that boxwoods are on sale this week at my preferred purveyor's. Hydrangeas are. And wooden trellises, which I need badly, and topiary, folks. I do have a weakness for the topiary.

But what's really exciting: it's hide-the-sagging-fence day! I can't repair the fence because it's not mine, and I can't build another that is because my friend and contractor Ray assures me this would be insane, but I can hide it with a massive elegant fibreglass pot (acquired a mere 12 hours ago at 70% off) stuffed with insulation, rocks, dirt, and a honking tall something that stands in front of an even taller half-price trellis.

I promise to post pics when it's done.

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