Monday, October 13, 2008

Keep your toes out of the water!

oh MAN. I knew there was a reason I stopped knitting. I was enjoying my cardi until I noticed it's nearly done. And then I won't have anything to do on long car drives or chatty afternoons.

So I bought a couple of knitting magazines - what's the harm? - and fell in love with a pattern - a quick knit! - and started sourcing the yarn - ooookay, that's a little expensive, and apparently the patterns are notorious for being wrong and also, too small - and got chatting about knitting with Kathi, and then went to the bookstore to pick up a pattern book for the expensive yarn and while I was there, Kathi's felting book I hadn't picked up yet, and WOW, there's a reason it gets such rave reviews, and I want to felt something NOW.

Deep breath. Creep back out of the water. Get perspective. I don't need another sweater or bag. I don't have room for another sweater or bag. I do need a hat, but the hat I want, I'll have to make a pattern for. And wouldn't I rather write? Write the story, for example, that popped into my head last night and doesn't cost anything in materials and doesn't take up any closet space?

yeah yeah yeah. I'm going to block the finished pieces of my cardi now. Call me if you're making hot chocolate.


Kathleen Taylor said...

I think the main reason that I am writing knitting books these days is that I would much rather knit than write fiction. On the other hand, if you write about knitting for awhile, you free yarn once in awhile, so it's not quite such an expensive proposition...

On the other hand, I rarely want to knit the thing that I *need* to knit (the thing that has a deadline and is paying the bills), so it's sort of the same situation, only with needles instead of keyboards.

Mary Keenan said...

Ain't that the truth... and while writing can be slow, you do occasionally get those bursts of energy that push you through the deadline zone, whereas with knitting you can really only go as fast as your needles can take you.