Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In Praise of A Nap

There is a reason my nickname used to be The Bat. And I think it had to do with my napping addiction... though maybe I just hope that.

Recently, when I was reading some article or other on how our brains work, I found out that sleep is good for creativity, which explains why I came away from university with an English degree in addition to all the sweaters I knit. I owe a lot to naps. Like this one time, before I'd ever heard of the 3-day novel, I did my own 5-day version--and just before the finish line, I dozed off. I still remember the moment I woke and saw, shimmering before me as on a gilded platter, every single plot point resolving itself behind the perfect closing sentence.

(that novel is beyond horrible, but I did have fun with it.)

I don't nap any more. I am a very happy Morning Person. But yesterday I fell off the wagon and into bed for a snooze, and when I woke up, like magic, I found myself taking my Old Lady Vs. Chair story in a new and exciting direction. Turns out it isn't about a chair after all... but we'll all have to wait to know what it really is about, because today I'm editing. Toodles!

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