Saturday, January 17, 2009

All buttoned up

So - the writing is completely blocked up. Cue suspenseful music as the voiceover asks, "Is this the end of the novel in which Mary invested about $4000 in tuition plus a year or three of her life?"

While I wait to find out, I have buttons. Ever since I was a little girl and my mother would graciously allow me to play with the old chocolate box of mostly one-off buttons she kept with her sewing stuff (I used them as dolls or sorting chips) I have had a fondness for the things, the older and more colourful the better. A few years ago mum even let me have a few of my favourites.

I don't use these buttons. How could I? If I sewed them to something, they might fall off or I might have to give them away with whatever I made to sew them onto. Sometimes I consider sewing them onto stiff fabric and framing them to hang on the wall, or decorating a purse with them, or gluing them to birthday tags or bookmarks, and then I come to my senses. Lately though, I've needed buttons to sew onto things, and now I'm looking at big jars of old buttons on eBay and thinking H'mmm. Maybe there are some in that jar I could bear to give away. I know there aren't and that I would merely have more buttons to hoard, but it beats staring at a blank screen, don't you think?


TexNan said...

Now you're talking my language, Maire. My neighbor from when we lived on the lake gave me a cigar box full of buttons that belonged to her grandmother. I've used those for lots of projects, even gave one back to her the other day when she needed something for a jacket. And yunno, one of these days I might just gift you some of mine.

Mary Keenan said...

ohhh Kate! you do know the way to a crafty girl's heart ;^)