Monday, January 26, 2009

And now it's over

The weekend is history, and left these memories:

The hat I made my aunt looks fabulous on her and is completely the wrong colour for her coat

The superwarm footless tights I bought as Blundstone-enablers turned out to be superwarm tapered-yet-loose running pants that look really, really awful with Blundstones but make great PJ pants, so I kept them

The new cold snap started before my thrummed mittens were done

I finally tracked down this song I like

I spent 90 minutes in Romni Wools and came away with no more than I went in for, including yarn for a hat to go with the new mittens

I finished the mitts - gorgeous! soft and comfy! the thumbs look like they belong to the Beanstalk Giant! - and figured out how to make the matching hat

and had hardly any chocolate at all, which I will address over the course of the week.


JMS said...

Oh Honey! A weekend without chocolate? How could you torture yourself so?


Kathleen Taylor said...

most excellent and productive weekend. However, you do know that chocolate has fewer calories and carbs than any other kind of candy, and is actually good for you? I have chocolate every day, and I am still maintaining the weight loss. OF course, I want more chocolate than I get, but that's how the world works.

Mary Keenan said...

It's not that I didn't have *any* chocolate! I think I was just too busy to notice I wasn't covering that part of the food pyramid. I'm making up for it today, believe me ;^)