Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A quick round of tag

Nancy gets away with tagging me to share seven weird random things about myself because she's Nancy. I will pass on tagging seven other people though, because Kathi tagged me last fall and I did it then.

1/ I lived in England for a year. Favourite pastimes there? Chocolate, walking, shopping boot sales and charity shops, afternoon teas, and the Portrait Gallery.
2/ My fireplace is blocked off by a huge decoupage project I still haven't finished after three years.
3/ I once sewed a Vogue pattern dress with its own foundation dress (complete with boning and inside belt), with fabrics so fine I needed tissue paper to protect them from the teeth under the presser foot of my machine.
4/ My sewing machine is a 1940s Singer inherited from my aunt's mother. I wouldn't dream of sewing a dress like that on a modern machine.
5/ I don't sew clothes any more. But I did make all the curtains that hang in my house.
6/ In spite of swearing off seed propagation after last spring's fiasco, I have been reviewing seed catalogues furtively.
7/ I have known Nancy, and Kathi, and even Karen for nearly 12 years! I met them on the now-defunct Mystery Writer's Forum, before I knew I couldn't write a novel-length mystery plot to save my life.


TexNan said...

To you, Maire, and Kathi and Karen and all the rest of our MWF friends, I'm still Kate. And yunno I still feel like Kate. "Nancy" sounds really strange coming from you. Guess if I'd read further in your blog I'd have seen you've already been tagged. But I'm saving the reading for one of those days I need a little boost.

Mary Keenan said...

Kate it is! whew, Nancy feels strange to me too. I know many, and they're lovely, but you have always been Kate to me :^) And anyway you'd have to have read about 100 posts to know I'd been tagged, maybe more. That's got to be more procrastination that anybody could take!

Kathleen Taylor said...

I love love love how the MWFers are coming togther online again!

If you do Facebook, Lauri Hart is there, too. And Bryon Quartermous.