Monday, January 19, 2009

Math and the girls who like it

I was very good at math in high school, I am guessing because I am smart, I study hard, and my friend Bob coached me all through grade school. Well, mostly he waited until I was finally getting the point and then said something very rude under his breath so that I would laugh hysterically and get into trouble, so maybe I give Bob more credit than I ought. Probably it was the studying.

Another thing I'm really good at is retaining vast stores of immediately useful information and disposing of everything else; I stopped knowing how to figure out algorithms (if indeed I ever learned those) the minute people stopped asking me to do it.

I still appreciate numbers though, which is lucky because my beautiful thrummed mittens clash horribly with my luxurious new hat. So naturally, I need another hat, and naturally, the pattern for the first one won't work for the yarn I found to match the mitts. That means I am making up another pattern, which requires me to manipulate the number of stitches so that the hat will stay on and simultaneously taper smoothly on top. I like this kind of math, and the way I keep ending up with multiples of 7 and/or 3. Why don't they teach this in high school?


JMS said...

I have a very, very good girlfriend who is a high school math teacher. She would LOVE this. Do you mind if I forward it to her? She doesn't have a blog, but...

Have fun knitting!

JMS :)

Mary Keenan said...

Be my guest!

Kathleen Taylor said...

amazingly enough- I am AWFUL with numbers, and yet I love knitting and knitting designing (though I absolutely do not love sizing out patterns for other sizes than the sample). But there's no way around it- knitting is numbers, and almost nothing but numbers (and a little yarn).

TexNan said...

Wow, I'm awestruck by all of y'all. Numbers are anathema to me, well, mostly so. I can remember them terrifically but I sure can't manipulate 'em. (Kathi, you look mahvelous!)