Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yesterday, as I was downloading the 30-day trial of Adobe Dreamweaver to overhaul my website (which will require me to learn how to use Adobe Dreamweaver), I noticed that I've been starting projects and not finishing them. SO unlike me.

I decided it was time for a moral victory if only to clear brain space for the editing assignment coming in tomorrow or maybe today. And as a result I stayed up way too late doing the decreases on another hat. Not the one I bought yarn for on Saturday, which will match my new mittens, but the one I spent a whack of cash on two weeks ago because it looked like it would match my new mittens. It isn't a good pairing for them, as it happens, being entirely the wrong weight for the kind of weather that makes thrummed mittens appealing (though I must say, the wind was whipping straight through to my fingertips yesterday - must stuff some more roving in there.) However, it does look very very beautiful, a big turnaround from when I thought I was going to have to rip it off the needles and stamp on it. That was last week, right? Now I need to think of a good border for it.

And there we have it. I have finished a large section of one thing, leaving four - or five? - more to move forward on before Friday, plus the editing. Piece of cake. Mmm... speaking of which...

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JMS said...

LOL! You sound so much like me it's scary! I'm the QUEEN of starting projects and not finishing them. Though they're always crafty projects and not serious Mommy/House stuff, you know?

Oh - and I've got ADD so I understand the "Ohhh...cake!" thing, too! Although I usually say, "OOohhh look! Something shiny!"

Have a great day!