Monday, January 12, 2009

Help comes in many forms

So, how was your weekend? Mine wasn't so much a whirlwind of excitingness as a slew of errands and catchup, but that included sleep, which is what passes for exciting around here. It was also adventures in learning Continental knitting (thank you YouTube) and wearing my carpal tunnel wrist brace (how the heck are you supposed to hold your right hand?)

I read a little, having got my copy of Can Any Mother Help Me? This is a study of brainy Depression-era English women who were blindsided by the demands of motherhood at a time when brides were agreeing to their new husbands' innovative idea of settling far from their parents to avoid interference, only to find they needed and couldn't get any advice about babies or housekeeping. One woman was reduced to cleaning her husband's shirt collars with Vim, a very nicely-scented bathtub cleaner.

Today I should write, and will try to write, and can probably be found instead furiously knitting the last of an extremely warm hat in anticipation of the extremely cold snap that will be upon my fair city by Wednesday. Go, wrist brace.

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Binnie Brennan said...

Continental knitting is the answer. I think if I had to carry that strand around the needle a thousand times I would be forced to take up golf, instead. Ugh.