Friday, January 2, 2009

A writing day top ten

I haven't had a writing day in a month at least. I wonder if I'll know what to do with it? Well, if I find I don't, I can always procrastinate with these exciting alternatives:

1/ four boxes of as-yet unsorted Stuff from mostly clean closets
2/ two different drawers that must be purged and merged
3/ six shallow but very full file drawers whose contents need filing
4/ a very large box of magazines with some contents I might keep...
5/ ... either for reference or for a decoupage project (yes, I know)
6/ three parcels to wrap up and label for mailing
7/ a batch of cookies I should not make
8/ a hat I have to rip back and knit longer
9/ a super warm hood for myself to design and start
10/ a batch of muffins I should make

Makes writing look pretty darn relaxing, doesn't it?

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