Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday supper

Yesterday the neighbour who owns Bruce the Adorable Fish mentioned she had to get home to check on her roast and I thought, Must. Make. PotRoast.

What is it about a real supper, anyway? Once the initial thrill of achievement is past it's hard not to think of those long-cooking meat with potatoes meals and say meh. They take forever to prep and cook and ten minutes to eat and then another eternity to clean up from. But now that I've got bacon on the stove I'm registering the value of all those great aromas. (Yeah, and I bought a chicken today too... evidently this week's procrastination will be meal-related.)

Thank goodness the novel I'm revising this winter has a lot of kitchen time in it. And crafty crafts. Which is why I absolutely must find a little time today to carry on with the felted robber hat I'm improvising with my new addi interchangeable circular set. Time was I'd nap on a Sunday afternoon while my mother tended to amazing aroma-making, but if those days are gone, I might as well continue my quest for the Perfect Winter Hat.

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Karen said...

Mmmm....pot roast. I made tzimmes last week (beef, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, and a few prunes, cooked like a pot roast until everything blends together and goes all yummy) and the smells were amazing! Am currently making meatloaf and cornbread, with similar olfactory results.