Saturday, January 31, 2009

All thumbs

Oh, they say when you stub your toe the world is your stubbed toe, so I guess it's not surprising that my world for the past two days has been my thumb, which has a hurty on it related to the local temperatures and even more local radiator heat. I will say no more. It is gross. And so so hurty!

The thumb is the world to me because as it turns out, you use even the outside of your thumb so much. Right now, for example, typing. It's hitting the spacebar. And I use the tip when I'm knitting, and put pressure on it when I'm trying to cram my double-socked-foot into the Blundstone boots with their tricky back tab thingy.

On the bright side, the thumb is making me Live In The Moment, something I don't do enough, as I realized last week when I multitasked three other things while trying to keep up my turn in a board game. So maybe I need to see it as a blessing, along with all my non-fiction-writings and other activities. I mentioned those to my writing teacher, the one for whom I knit the Lucky Scarf: he reminded me that the more art you do, the more art there will be. And that makes me feel that the scarf was lucky for me, too.

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