Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The big day!

I am VERY excited to be starting off on this particular, fabulous, thrilling day. First there is the obvious wonderfulness of a new inauguration for our friends in the US and for we Canadians, frankly. Next, there is the fact that the choir of the girl I know* whose boyfriend was stolen by God has been invited to perform right in Washington to celebrate same.

(I would be singing too, but people would not be happy to hear me do it At. All. She, on the other hand, delights everyone.)

Then I get to see my orthodontist, always a treat - no, seriously, his office is astonishingly peaceful and pleasant, no matter how many casts they have to take of my teeth there - and finally, Karen Irving is coming to visit and - there may be a yarn store involved. You know, maybe. If we have time and sufficient interest. I probably shouldn't be excited about this last part because it's sure to include a lot of money spent by me, plus a lot more storage-related strain on the envelope that is my house. But if I'm not going to be writing anyway, it's good to have a distraction and I know I can count on shiny new yarn to do the job.

*Check out St. Jude's reflections on the importance of lingerie!


JMS said...

"plus a lot more storage-related strain on the envelope that is my house"

Are you sure you don't live in MY house? This accurately describes where I live.

See pic in today's post!

Hope your day is FABULOUS and lots of fun!



TexNan said...

Thanks for your good thoughts, Maire. We need it. And I'm so jealous you and Karen will have your visit, not that I don't want you to have it, just that I want to be there too! Give her my love and y'all have lots of fun. (Also kudos to your friend; how terrifical that she gets to sing for the inauguration.)